Orso Laboratorio Caffè’s objective is to give voice to a magnificent fruit of the earth which is treated by many as a banal commodity. Our experiential voyage into the world of coffee can’t begin without understanding the difference between a blend and a single-origin,to continue with the accurate knowledge of both categories.


Let us bring you into the world of high-quality, artisanally blended coffee with our varied grades of arabica and robusta beans.


Differently than blends, single-origin coffees come exclusively from a single country, region or coffee plantation. This means that every coffee plantation develops characteristics that are absolutely unique depending on and due to their climatic,territorial conditions and farming care. In this way, every cup reveals an unexpected and surprising aroma, and the different flavors design a real and bonafide geography of taste with well-defined borders.

Being often microlots, our specialty coffee offer varies depending on the season and availability. Follow our News for updates on our offer.